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 Jacob's Bagels Partners 

Jacob's bagels is a small but growing brand.

At Jacob's Bagels we know the value of partnerships. We know that growth is better when you do it with someone else and we'd like to invite you to grow with us.

We want to make sure that you get the best of us and to do that we need you to buy a minimum of 50 bagels per order.

Make sure to checkout the "more information" once get to the shop.

If you would like to be one of our partners, your first step is to register and then and we'll send you an email with your logon details. 

Please note that we have to verify all of our partners so if you are not a business or are looking for a one off order then please visit our retail store SHOP HERE

In order for you to have a look around our partner website you need to register with your business email address. Please try not use a free email address as it will be seen as spam and we will not authorise your account.

Our bagels are delivered to you fresh everyday.

If something isn't quite right please let me know HERE or call me on 07920 488 450


Hand made bagels

If you are wanting to bulk buy bagels in their 100s then we can offer discounts.

Kosher Bagels Made with organic flour.