Exciting News from Jacob's Bagels!

Hey bagel enthusiasts and business owners! 🥯✨ We're thrilled to introduce Jacob's Bagels, your go-to wholesale bagel provider for cafes and restaurants. We're not just about bagels; we're about crafting experiences and spreading bagel joy! 🎉

Why choose Jacob's Bagels? We're all about premium, handcrafted bagels made with the finest organic ingredients. Our commitment to traditional baking techniques ensures every bite is a delicious journey of authenticity. No shortcuts, no preservatives – just pure bagel goodness!

Explore our diverse range of flavours, from the classic plain, sesame seed, and poppy seed to the more adventurous cheese and onion, blueberry and cinnamon, and chocolate chip and cinnamon. We believe in offering bagels that cater to every taste bud! filledbagels2

Solar-Powered Goodness: We harness the power of the sun! Our bakery is equipped with solar panels, allowing us to bake your bagels with clean, renewable energy. It's our way of reducing our carbon footprint and spreading positive energy with every bagel batch.

Partnering with Jacob's Bagels means not just growing your business but growing sustainably. Our exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and a minimum order of 100 bagels per delivery come with the added benefit of contributing to a greener planet.

Jacob's Bagels, we're not just about crafting the finest, most delicious bagels – we're breaking barriers! We're thrilled to share that we can bake up to 1000 bagels per day! That's right, a thousand golden delights ready to elevate your cafes and restaurants to new heights.

Our commitment to quality remains unwavering as we scale up our production. Every bagel, whether it's a classic plain, sesame seed, or one of our creative combinations, receives the same love and attention that defines Jacob's Bagels. And the best part? We've got the capacity to meet your growing demands while maintaining the premium taste and freshness you love.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to guide you through the selection process and answer any questions you may have about our solar-powered, organic bagels. We bake your bagels on the day of delivery, ensuring freshness with a side of environmental responsibility. 🚚💨

Ready to join the bagel revolution and contribute to a sustainable future? 🌐 Simply register with your business email, receive your logon details, and explore our partner website to start ordering the best for your business and the planet.

Let's spread bagel love and make a positive impact together!

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